GROWUS is born out of Thalassotherapy

Thalassotherapy aims to restore the body's natural balance while absorbing the blessings of the sea, the source of life.

GROWUS is a daily hair care brand with technology unique to GROWUS, and it is based on the rich nutrition of ingredients obtained from the sea, which makes up 71% of the Earth.


Thalassotherapy, the gift of the sea.

Thalassotherapy signifies all types of therapy performed for the purpose of healing and prevention using raw materials that can be obtained from the sea, such as seawater, seaweed, and coastal plants. Based on the scientific theory of the active ingredients of pure marine resources, only essential nutrients necessary for the human body are extracted, providing high effects and acting as a life catalyst, maintaining a beautiful balance.

Thalassothérapie + Cosmetics + Pharmaceutics
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The Core of Thalassotherapy, Seawater

Rene Quinton, a French biologist, has discovered that although human white blood cells die in all other artificial environments, they do not die in seawater. This is because seawater has almost the same level of resemblance to human plasma, which provides crucial benefits to our body's metabolism.

GROWUS Therapy™ is a six-step raw material development process that is conducted over 500 days of research and is a persistent promise from the GROWUS researchers to prescribe the optimal raw material for each scalp concern.

Thalassothérapie + Cosmetics + Pharmaceutics